4 Simple Steps to a Cheaper Vacation

ImageWe all utterly need a vacation, but… affording it is another thing keeping us at home with our nose to the grindstone.

Here are 4 simple steps to having a cheaper vacation.

**Chose an All Inclusive Hotel Option.  There are many packages available that provide you everything you need on a vacation and in many cases include airfare.  You may find it cheaper to book an All Inclusive Resort including airfare, less expensive then the airfare alone.
**Chose an as yet undiscovered paradise.  There are many 5 star places to visit in this world.  Then there are the places near the 5 star, but… not on the same grounds or in the same town.  Undiscovered paradise destination can be easier on your savings and provide you with an amazing experience closer to the culture of your desired destination.
**Hire a cook and eat 5 stars meals in your own rental property.  Many places offer cooks that will bring the food and prepare it right in your vacation home.  These chefs are less costly than a restaurant with in a high rent district.
**Prearrange Tours and activities before arrival for best prices.  Tour operators are independent contractors and therefore able to make their own deals.  They are always looking for work and when it is pre-booked it is worth it to them to negotiate their rate.
Galván Real Estate and Services: We’re here to help make your vacation dreams come true.  Start packing. Image
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