San Pancho Music Festival – 2014


The 14th annual event is scheduled for February 28th through March 2nd!

San Pancho’s Music Festival is a vibrant, eclectic expression of performing are traditionally held annually for  3 days during the last weekend of February.  It began informally in 2001, and by 2006 included some 116 performers.  The Music Festival attracts some of the most colorful musicians from around the world, including international acts from Europe, the United State, Chile, Guatemala, France and Germany.  Regional talent has also been retained to include the traditional Mexican and Latin music of local musicians.

Traditionally there is no fee to attend and performers are not paid.  Artists come because they enjoy performing in the intimate venue and magical surroundings of San Pancho.  Donations are encouraged, but… there is no intent for the Festival to profit from the performances.  All donations fund the maintenance of the Festival sound and lighting equipment, often provided by volunteers.  Additionally… proceeds from sales of music and video CDs go directly to the performing artists.

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