Lo de Marcos – Beautiful – Riviera Nayarit

Jose and DaveDavid Graff heads up the compost center in Lo de Marcos with the help of José and four employees. The center produces 80% of its income necessary for running the center. 20% of the operating fund comes from Amigos de Lo de Marcos.

Compost Location

The center, behind the red gate, is located at the entrance to Lo de Marcos on Av. Emiliano Zapata (the street south of OXXO). The center is open to the public from 9:00 to 12:00 on Wednesday and Saturday.

Ripe Bananas Compost Lot

The center produces Compost, grows Bananas and builds African Keyhole Gardens. The compost is $60 pesos per bag. The bananas are free. The African Keyhole Gardens are a dream of David Graff.

African Keyhole Garden Compost

The African Keyhole Gardens are compact centers of plants fed by compost. They are incredible creations that provide beauty, serviceability and sustainability. The garden is designed to re-use water, vegetables, fruits and greens while reducing leaching and the loss of minerals.

David has created an awe inspiring place that is more than worth a visit.

Additionally… David has initiated The First Annual Farm Tour. Funds raised will support the farms and an Organic Farm Education Fund which will promote organic farming techniques.

Lo de Marcos Farms 001

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