Dia de La Madre – Mexico

dia_de_la_madreThis year the Mexican Mothers Day lands on Saturday.  It is May10th which is Dia de Las Madres regardless of the day of the week. Mothers Day is also the #1 day for restaurants. Who does not want to take their mother out for dinner?  After all, she cooked for you all those other days. Isn’t high time you treated her to a well cooked meal. And if your mom is now in heaven, go out and celebrate the love she brought you.

In Lo de Marcos we are going to Arcelia’s off the town square. This is a new location for the owner and she are prepared to pamper your mom.

There will be two choices of entrees:

1. Chicken Breast with veggies, ham and cheese
2. Lomo de Puerco with veggies, scalloped potatoes, strawberry salad and citrus.

The meal will start off with Ceviche Verde and include one drink.  For dessert your mamá will be treated to Piña Colada Postre.

Dinner starts at 5:00 P.M. There will also be Karaoke.

Reservations are strongly suggested due to limited seating
(322) 101-0708Arcelia


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