May at Rancho Graff 2015 by Memo Raices

May is a shoulder month between two extreme seasons. At Rancho Graff this means that some plants are fading away in the longer hotter days and other plants are beginning their season of growth. The leaves fall in increasing numbers blanketing the entire property. The sidewalks are swept creating an illusion of snow mounds on the ground made out of dry crispy tanning leaves.

Mangos are ripening and flooding the country roads with sweet juice that the bees dive for. In some places you have to watch your step not to smash an over-ripened mango under your feet. Keeping an eye open rewards the walker with a fresh ripe mango that can be enjoyed along the way.

A Chuckwalla, 16 inches long, was working to make a home for a hopeful mate just down from the house yesterday. The dogs, Chula and Moka barked at the large bodied lizard. His potbellied black stomach moved slowly as his thin darting tongue shot out trying to fend the dogs away. The loose folds of the Iguanids´ neck gathered as he twisted back and forth.

ChuckwallaThe thick tail with its blunt tip seems to work as an anchor to the earth. With black skin and gold spots the creature stands out from the ground thickly covered with the light browning leaves. It was the crunch of the drying leaves that alerted the dogs to this wanderer.

May is mating month for our four legged friend, although the eggs of the female may only appear every other year.

Thankfully for the dogs, this herbivorous only seeks to bask in the sun.

The fireflies are out each night and light up the trees like a sparkling Christmas display. Between the stars and the lights you can stand for an hour enjoying the show.

Pineapples and bananas are also ripening around the ranch sending sweet smells from all corners. This is an abundance of fruit to enjoy after each meal.

Some find this time of year challenging due to the heat, but… I find it and all the other seasons of Mexico quite amazing.

firefliesMemo Raices is a member of the Galvan Real Estate and Services family. He resides in Guadalajara, but… his heart is in the Riviera Nayarit.

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