Off The Grid

Off the GridFor the month of May 2015 I lived “Off the Grid” on a Permaculture Property in a Tropical Paradise.

The property is run on Solar Electricity, Well Water and Manual Labor. It is one hectare of heaven situated on a knoll top with views to the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Sierra Madre Mountains on the east. I cannot begin to explain the peace and tranquility of this “home away from home”.

Food is provided by the surrounding land filled with chickens, banana trees, pineapples and vegetables. The location is Mexico in an area lovingly known at the Riviera Nayarit. There is a small pueblo across the river named Lo de Marcos with many services.

Up the road is a town named La Peñita with remaining supplies and services you may need. The Puerto Vallarta airport is a 55 minute bus ride away. I have never been so close and yet so far from the rest of the world.

Time at Rancho Graff is measured by sunlight. When it rises, so do I to feed the chickens, dogs and water the potted plants.

Currently I am involved with the creation of a compost tea for fertilization. It is made from fish emulsion, sea kelp, leaves, molasses and other natural products. Needless to say the vegetation is bright and colorful year round, although… there is something different blooming each month.

The critters of the area seem to change each month as well. Crab season brings large crabs from the hills headed to the beach. The house is on the path for some of these migrates and therefore on any given day there can be visitors inside that need guidance to further their trip. It is wise to move the little ones from east to west in order to keep them from returning multiple times.

Spiders, scorpions, centipedes and geckos frequent the land. They wish no harm, only a pathway and a bit of nourishment to help along the way. The largest groups in the area are the birds. There are too many varieties to mention and their songs are delightful.

The major point I want to make is that Living Off the Grid is not pain, suffering and dirt. It is enchanted clean living with a clear conscience knowing that I will leave a lighter footprint during my stay on earth.

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3 thoughts on “Off The Grid”

  1. It’s a true pleasure to host your stay at Rancho Graff. Moca and Chula adore you and we travel freely when you are here. It’s also rewarding to share the Off-Grid lifestyle and discover that you enjoy it.

    1. Hola Jacque,
      Thank you for your comment on our Off the Grid post. It has been approved and posted. We are proud to call Lo de Marcos home and especially proud of the forward thinking of its residence such as yourself.

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