Turtles in the Bay

Turtle SwimmingJune is the month that turtles are in the Banderas Bay and Pacific Ocean swimming around and reading themselves for a new season. The female sea turtles can conserve sperm after mating for periods of several months, so… the time from insemination and burying of the turtles is not an exact science.

The creation of the ova and formation of protective albumen takes place at sea before the turtle comes ashore to bury the eggs. The incubation period under the sand is easier to observe, and this typically lasts 60 days.

Higher temperatures in the sand where the turtle lays her eggs produce females, and lower temperatures produce males. Since conservationist move the eggs to a protected area of the beach the sand temperature is moderate and the sex of the newborn is indeterminable.

Bottom line is… turtles are being observed frolicking in the sea. 60 days after they land on the beach and bury their eggs we will see a new generation of sea turtles.

You can come frolic with the turtles in Lo de Marcos or help out Campamento Tortuguero Lo De Marcos.

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