It´s Us Against Them!

Whether you are coming to Mexico for a weekend or six months your pleasure trip will include ants and mosquitoes. These are the two most numerous pest in our tropical paradise. The following suggestions are very helpful and can be used during your time away and your time back home. Be sure to read the descriptions in addition to the titles to win the battle of the bugs.

antAnts: Pesky and persistent. Take care of them or send them packing.
Salt: In cracks and walks that Ants hate.
Chalk: Ants will not cross the chalk line.
Lemon: Spray around which confuses the ants tracking system.
Cornmeal: Sprinkle around and on ant hills.
Nicotine: Soak in water and pour over ant hills.
Vinegar: Mop the floor and pour on the ant hills.
Orange: Dried ground orange peel repels the ants.
Cayenne: Sprinkle a line not to be crossed by the ants.
Borax: Plus Sugar and water to make a paste appealing to the ants to take home and not return.
Diatomaceous Earth: Sprinkle it around doors and windows. Also good on dogs for fleas.

mosquitoMosquitoes: Unseen and disease carrying critters to avoid.
Lemon Balm Plant: wards off mosquitoes.
Catnip Plant: Natural repellant for mosquitoes.
Basil Oil: Toxic to mosquito larvae
Lavender Plant: repels mosquito and flies and good on your skin.
Peppermint Oil: repels mosquitoes and kill larvae.
Citrosum Perennial: Strong citronella smell repels mosquitoes.
Sage + Rosemary: Burn in camp fire which does not smell good to mosquitoes.

Pick your poison, natural of course, and enjoy a vacation or evening by yourself with fewer of those pesky pals.

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