$10 Pesos in Mexico

Mexican Food SamplerToday’s exchange rate is 15.5 to the U.S. dollar which means $10 pesos is equal to .64 cents. That will buy you a quesadilla, which is a tortilla cooked with melted cheese. Lettuce, onion, tomatoes and frijoles (beans) on the side. This is a perfect light lunch.

For less than $10 pesos you can have a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal, bananas and honey.

A mid morning muffin can be had for $5 pesos.

$12 pesos will buy you a big dinner tamale with cheese and bell pepper. Throw in a small beverage and you have eaten the whole day for less than $50 pesos.

The above list of food items is to stress the point that Mexico is an extremely affordable place to live. Many of us are facing retirement and the cost can be terrifying! There is a place to live that is not only affordable but… desirable in weather and culture.

The lifestyle is relaxed which can be challenging for Type A personalities that have spent their life in the moment. Mexico is laid back and what does not get done today has a possibility of getting completed tomorrow, however… that is no guarantee and at the end of the day it doesn´t really matter.

For those that have lived an exciting and adventurous life there are new experiences to be had in Mexico. In nature and in town there is much to enjoy and add to your bucket list.

The cost of this retired life will vary from person to person. The bottom line is that the expense is less “south of the border.” You do not need to suffer to retire and medical services are available and communities are well served by trained personel.

If it becomes necessary to return to your country of origin the flights are available and the travel time is minimal. How wonderful to be so close to family and yet so far from outrageous expense. There are even discounts for seniors that make life more stress free.

Safety is an issue wherever you live and proper research will guide you to an affordable retirement home that feels good for you. The cost, taste and beauty of the Mexican Tropical Destination is waiting for you.

Just to let you know that eggs are abundant here and it is Mango season. I love to just eat my way through the day.

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