Bucerias, the Best of the Banderas Bay

Bucerias Town SquareBucerias is an eclectic town north of Puerto Vallarta. It is on the Banderas Bay in an area known as the Riviera Nayarit. The life of Bucerias is in the town square.

Bucerias BeachThere is a lovely long beach with many restaurants that will serve you as you wiggle your toes in the sand and watch the gentle waves come onto the shore.

Bucerias is the best of the Banderas Bay towns for many reasons. It is more bucerias-kite-surfingaffordable than its neighbor to the south, Puerto Vallarta. Bucerias is located on the bay where the beach gently descends creating a safe haven for swimmers and kite surfers. You can walk a great distance out into the waters of the Pacific Ocean before it begins to get deep. This is very good for tourists with children.

Beso BridgeThere are two parts to this Mexican destination, separated by a river and a kissing bridge. The south end is small with boutique shops, galleries, art walk and spots to sit, eat and enjoy the day. The north end is larger with more shops, restaurants and a three block long section full of bars that frolic through the night. There is a wonderful mercado for souenirs.

bucerias-paradeEasily accessible by mass transit, you can stay almost anywhere around the Banderas Bay and still make it to Bucerias for a day of fun and relaxation. Many people have abandoned the busyness of the more populated tourist destinations for the still growing village of Bucerias. Canadians especially have been drawn by the Mexican culture and affordability of Bucerias.

Bucerias EcoEven long term renters and Buyers have chosen Bucerias as their home. East of the main highway is a growing residential section with new homes. Further west is countryside with horses and suburban living. Bucerias is an intelligent area that prides itself with solar and eco-friendly residents.

Bucerias NightIf Mexico is calling your name be sure to consider Bucerias as a potential destination. Come for a week or a lifetime. You will be pleased with your choice. Contact us galvanrealestate9@gmail.com


Did you know Bucerias has a song?


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