Saturday on a Riviera Nayarit Beach

Riviera Nayarit PlayaWe invite you to spend Saturday on the Riviera Nayarit. There are numerous beaches to choose from. From surfing waves in Sayulita to deserted sand dunes in Lo de Marcos. There is a place for every taste. Speaking of taste, you might want to consider San Pancho with its most delicious restaurants.

Bucerías is a long stretch of beach, ideal for jogging, bathing or simply hanging out. Public access is available through downtown Bucerias, past the main plaza, where you will find a number of eateries. Farther south, there are a number of access roads along Lazaro Cardenas, across the kissing bridge, which runs parallel to the ocean.

Flamingos beach serves the hotels and developments located in the Flamingos area of Nuevo Vallarta. Nuevo Vallarta beach serves the hotels and developments in Nuevo Vallarta. Both these beaches are very long and great for that long walking exercise you desire.

La Manzanilla is north of La Cruz Huancaxtle, this small but popular beach has numerous shops for beach paraphernalia and is home to popular beach seafood restaurants.

Punta de Mita has Punta Negra, which is a very private beach just north of Punta de Mita. It is great for walking. Anclote is a small stretch of beach with many traditional eateries making this an ideal place to bury your feet in the sand and enjoy a relaxing meal. A number of providers offer surfing and kayaking equipment and instruction. Destiladeras is a peaceful beach in the summer and popular in the winter, this is the perfect day-trip beach, with enough amenities to keep you comfortable and enough room to walk along the surf for long distances.

Sayulita has a number of beaches. The main beach boasts restaurants and surfing lessons. Los Muertos is a 10-minute walk south, past the graveyard. It has peaceful waters for scuba diving. Carricitos is a very private beach 15 to 20 minutes from Sayulita, past Los Muertos beach along a dirt road, offering lush, verdant vistas along the way. Very quiet and secluded.

The San Pancho beach is also good for camping as there are sufficient public bathrooms and showers. The beach is very wide in order that you can set up your tent and not worry about high tide. All the beaches have vendors that will show you their wares, enjoy bartering and not be offended if you do not purchase from them.

Lo de Marcos has a mile long main beach with lava outcrops at both ends that house tide pools for your investigation. There is a second beach, Minitas, only accessible by water. At the south end is a secluded beach named Venados. Take a moment, close your eyes, listen to the waves and when you open your eyes again you will swear you are in Hawaii.

No matter which beach you decide to spend your Saturday be sure to schedule enough time to stay for the sunset. Each beach has a special seating just for the sizzling event as the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean. Whether a drink or snack or swim, the sandy shores of the Riviera Nayarit will delight you. My favorite sunset photographer is the propiertor of Robertos Bungalows of San Pancho, Earl Miller

Earl Miller San PanchoEarl Miller

For those that cannot get enough of paradise may we suggest an overnight stay? Then on Sunday you can explore more and savor every moment. There are boats to ride, walks to see sights and bird watching for those that love our winged friends.

From June through November is turtle season which is an amazing event to attend. From night time laying of the eggs to sunset releases this nature show is not to be missed. Most beaches have conservation groups helping the survival of the turtles

So come to the Riviera Nayarit. Let us know of your plans and we can assist you with information. (322) 120-0655 Armando Contreras

There is a great bus system to get you around or consider renting a car for your travels. Whatever your needs, we are here to help.

This is a video of Saturday Morning with lyrics.


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