Where’s Memo?

hibiscusMy name is Memo and I live in paradise. Do you know where I am? When I walk through the jungle to get to the beach I pass fields of pineapples and further out there are banana trees with 3 different types of bananas. Do you know where I am at yet?

When I get to the beach there are rock outcroppings of lava with tide pools filled with sea life. The waves come crashing onto the shore and just a little ways out there are surfers riding the swells. Any idea of where I might be?

The locals are dark skinned with friendly bright white smiles. They offer me seafood from the catch of the day and souvenirs made from coconuts shells that fall from the swaying palm trees. Can you guess where I am?

The weather is warm with a balmy breeze that announces a tropical storm making its way in from the sea. The cumulous clouds grow dark with shocking lightening and booming thunder. Have you figured out where I am?

The tropical flowers here are brilliant with varied colors. We make tea from the hibiscus flowers. So many other plants grow in lush gardens and provide nutrition and medication whenever we need it. I bet you have a good idea of where I am.

Here is a clue to help you out in finding me… I live in paradise on latitude 20.9537 Now you can find me on the globe where the sun shines bright most days of the year.

Be the first person to guess where I am I will treat you to a homemade meal of ceviche with fresh fish from the sea, here in my home in paradise.




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