Punta Mita, Behind the Gates

Explore-Punta-MitaPunta Mita is a peninsula that just as well be an island.

Yes there is a town with people, restaurants and shops, but… what people in the know really want to hear about is the world behind the gates.

Getting past the guards at the gates of Punta Mita is quite a feat. They will ask you more questions than you want to answer. The job of the centurions is to make sure that the people who get through the gates are supposed to be there.

Punta Mita SurfingAnd who are the people who are supposed to be there? They are folks who have worked harder than the norm. People who believe in themselves and what they can do. Understand that these qualifications equate to the residents and support staff of Punta Mita.

Why are the gates in place? They are there so you know who you see are people with mutual beliefs in success and quality of life. Who does not belong in Punta Mita? People who do not believe in themselves or thosse individuals who do not believe in their ability, do not need to be in Puna Mita.

SnorkleThe lifestyle of Punta Mita is one of relaxation and fun earned. The sites of Punta Mita include vivid blue Pacific Ocean water, immaculate beaches, rocky points and eye pleasing coral reefs.

Adventures in Punta Mita include yachting, fishing, whale watching, sea kayaking, sailing, surfing, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling and diving. There are 9.5 miles of beach.

On land there is horseback riding and eco-exploration.

JN GolfThere are restaurants within the gates of Punta Mita. They serve the fresh catch of the day and epicurean delights. The chefs ensconced in the private villas out do themselves each and every evening.

The golf courses are world renowned and only available for residents and their appreciative friends.

If you cannot own in Punta Mita you can reside at the Four Season’s Resort or St. Regis Resort. These are places you may work a lifetime to deserve and enjoy.

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The following is a wonderful video about Punt Mita:


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