Convi or Collectivo

conbiForget “or” do you even know what either word means? Well, if you have traveled in Europe, Mexico or further south, you probably have a good idea of these two wonderful words. The subject two words stand for the most comprehensive and best contributors to mass transit.

Fast trains and subways are all well and good, but… how do the masses get to these state of the art modes of transportation? Enter, please, feeder transports. What the big guys did not think of, the common folk put together.

Convi, also known as kombis are small vans that can hold eleven and more people. They transverse the arteries of small pueblos picking up whole families and transporting them and their goods between villages. They are numerous and run often.

Buses, also known as collectivos bring larger numbers of riders further distances. Both means of ”people movers” are affordable for the regular people and even offer discounts to children and seniors. Their schedules are regular and reliable.

colectivoThis remarkable system is so efficient, available and affordable that many people opt for it over owning a car. While a car is nice, it comes with multiple costs of insurance, fuel, purchase and maintenance. Better to ride a convi, save money and sleep better at night with less debt.

If you are considering a vacation outside of the United States, do yourself a huge favor and consider mass transit. Think of it as a cost savings that can be redirected to tacos and margaritas. Of course there is the option of car rental, however with careful planning you may avoid paying for four wheels sitting in your driveway joining in the cost of your well deservered time away that you saved for so many months.

Here is a smart idea: Rent a car to get you from the airport to your destination. Use the one day rental to collect supplies and familiarize yourself with your destination. Then ditch the car for a convi and collectivo. Also be sure to check out tours to fun destinations and adventures. You will pat yourself on the back for being thrift minded and just plain smart.

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