10 Vitamins in my Backyard Smoothie

papaya-pineappleI am living on a small ranch in a tropical jungle of the Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. There are fruit trees, pineapple bushes and green vegetation growing in my yard with enoungh nutrient properties to blow your mind. Actually they enhance your life exponentially.

Within steps of my door I am able to pick a papaya from a tree, harvest a bunch of bananas and pluck a pineapple from a bush. Did you know pineapples grow in bushes, not trees? Moving from the north to the tropics has loads of learning possibilities. Lastly I snip some fresh moringa leaves which add 10 nutritious vitamins to the mix along with minerals and antioxidants. See the partial list below.

Chopping up the fruit and leaves I then place them in a blender with some milk or water and ice cubes. Blending the mixture creates a most delicious drink with powerful benefits that will out surpass anything you can buy in a store. In an age when some say that corporations control what we eat, I say there is a choice and you are the one to decide. Check at the video at the end of this post.

If you are interested in a positive healthy change in your life, Contact Me.

Moringa Tree


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