One Possum in Paradise

Possum JungleLast night was a bright and beautiful full moon. There were many critters out and about foraging for food. Moca, older dog, was in the house with me when she heard or smelled something. I let her out as she cried with excitement. Chula, the younger female dog followed close behind. By midnight I was tired of waiting for the girls return and decided to rest on my bed. Chula was the first to return. Not wanting to come home empty handed, Chula presented me with a fresh coco. I thanked her and placed it outside the bedroom. Moca was still nowhere to be found.

Lying in bed I enjoyed the iridescent glow of the luna light illuminating the jungle. In short order I realized Moca was in pointer mode on the deck just outside the bedroom patio doors. Her eyes were fixed on something in the adjoining tree.

File name            	:DSC_6948.JPG File size            	:2.6MB(2763747Bytes) Date taken           	:2003/01/18 19:26:34 Image size           	:3008 x 1960 Resolution           	:300 x 300 dpi Number of bits       	:8bit/channel Protection attribute 	:Off Hide Attribute       	:Off Camera ID            	:N/A Camera               	:NIKON D1X Quality mode         	:FINE Metering mode        	:Matrix Exposure mode        	:Aperture priority Speed light          	:Yes Focal length         	:70 mm Shutter speed        	:1/60second Aperture             	:F5.6 Exposure compensation	:0 EV White Balance        	:Auto Lens                 	:28 - 70 mm F 2.8 Flash sync mode      	:Normal Exposure difference  	:-10.3 EV Flexible program     	:No Sensitivity          	:ISO400 Sharpening           	:Normal Image Type           	:Color Color Mode           	:Mode I(sRGB) Hue adjustment       	:3 Saturation Control   	:N/A Tone compensation    	:Normal Latitude(GPS)        	:N/A Longitude(GPS)       	:N/A Altitude(GPS)        	:N/A

After a while Moca seemed to grow tired and slowly walked off the patio. Moca still did not come to the bedroom door and I began to drift into a light sleep. Then there was a noise. A possum began to descend from the tree. Once on the floor of the patio the possum stood still to assess its surroundings. Without warning Moca pounced from her hiding space and grabbed the surprised possum by the neck. With one quick snap the possum was dead. Moca added a few more twists in the air for effect and release of her animal aggression. She then dropped the lifeless critter to the floor.

Moca sniffed the now quiet animal and left the scene. Within a few moments she was in the bedroom and we all fell into a deep sleep. In the morning I arose with the sun and knew my first task was to remove the possum. Looking out onto the patio I quickly observed that the possum was gone. Had another predator taken the carcass away or was it true what they say about playing possum?

If you would like to play in paradise, contact me.


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