One of the top 10 Magical Towns in Mexico, San Sebastian del Oeste.

pueblosmagicoslogoMagical Towns of Mexico, ( Pueblos Magicos) is an initiative led by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR), in conjunction with other federal and state agencies, to promote a series of towns around the country that offer visitors a “magical” experience.

The designation is by reason of their natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance. The Mexico Tourism Board acknowledges that México´s magical element, and not only its sun and beaches, is what keeps many tourists coming back.

The cities, towns and villages receiving the designation of Pueblos Magicos demonstrate special symbolic features, legends and history, and tourism opportunities. The most important prerequisite for the nomination, however, is possessing magic! There are over 80 pueblos that have received this prestigious award and we have chosen 10 our favorites.

san sebastina waterSan Sebastian de Oeste is our number one choice of the Pueblos Magicos. Here is why this pueblo achieved the designation of Magical:


1. Natural Beauty: the Sierra Madre Mountains hold this village deep within its arms protected from the elements along with little heat and almost no humidity. It is but an hour away from Puerto Vallarta.

2. Cultural Riches: Original Tecos were conquered by the Spaniards. Both cultures affected the region with rich traditions. The crafts are made of saddles, leather, wood carvings and textiles. The food is pozole, birria, enchiladas, tostadas and tamales, fruit rolls and drinks are atole, coffee and punch.

3. Historical Relevance: Spaniards discovered silver in San Sebastian creating an enterprise that would spur the population to 20,000 inhabitants. Today the population has dwindled to 5,000+ and the mountain village survives on tourism and ranching.

Puente-el-Progreso---Jalisco-MexicoGood days to visit involving celebrations are:

• Fiesta a San Sebastián (santo patrono): el 20 de enero
• Fiesta a la Virgen de la Asunción: el 15 de agosto.
• Fiesta a la Virgen del Rosario: el 7 de octubre.
• Fiesta a la Virgen de Guadalupe: el 12 de diciembre.
• Fiestas patrias: el 15 y 16 de septiembre.

san sebastian_San Sebastian can be a days adventure or you can choose to take one of our tours that pick you up almost anywhere from Puerto Vallarta to Lo de Marcos. Click Here for details.

Contact us with any questions:

While the following video is in Spanish, the pictures speak for themselves:

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«San Sebastián del Oeste» de Noé González-Gallegos – Trabajo propio. Disponible bajo la licencia CC BY-SA 3.0 vía Wikimedia Commons –

«Puente-el-Progreso—Jalisco-Mexico» de No machine-readable author provided. Intersofia assumed (based on copyright claims). – No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims).. Disponible bajo la licencia CC BY-SA 3.0 vía Wikimedia Commons –—Jalisco-Mexico.jpg#/media/File:Puente-el-Progreso—Jalisco-Mexico.jpg

«San-Sebastian—Foundry-Ruins» de P. Alejandro Diaz – Trabajo propio. Disponible bajo la licencia CC BY 2.5 vía Wikimedia Commons –—Foundry-Ruins.jpg#/media/File:San-Sebastian—Foundry-Ruins.jpg


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