When It’s Hot & Humid, Fantasize!

AguasTubsSure… it may be hot and maybe humid where you are now, but… come December, it will be cold, so… here is a fantasy to consider and place on your Bucket List.

South of the Border in sunny Mexico there is a paradise called Riviera Nayarit. High on a mountain up a rough road is a place worth visiting. The name is Aguas Termales De Nuevo Ixtlan and simply it is a hot springs park with nature’s hot water, Mother Nature’s jungle has been enhanced by a few man made amenities to keep you around for an afternoon.

Getting to Aguas Termales is a bit of a challenge and possibly you might want to consider enlisting the help of competent taxi driver. Some healthy brave souls have hiked in and reported that the trail is doable albeit a little longer than the trail signs profess.


We know of people who have made the trek, survived the ordeal and reported back, with a pleasant smile, that the adventure was worth the time and minor cost. No matter what the exchange rate the fee is well worth it.


5445682380_647ec895e4_zFood is available to purchase or you are welcome to bring your own grub as there are barbeques available for family use and enjoyment. This is a destination enjoyed by many.


Come by the office for directions and help in securing transportation or contact us for assistance galvanrealestate4@gmail.com We’re here to help empty your bucket list and fill it with beach sand and happy memories.

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