Help, There’s a Crab in the Casa

Land_CrabLiving in the tropical jungle of the Riviera Nayarit has its rewards and challenges. Besides enjoying spectacular vegetation, vibrant colored flowers and exotic birds, there are snakes, scorpions, biting ants, bees, flies, mosquitoes, tarantulas, anolis, iguanas and crabs.

Shortly after the brilliant sunset and before the onslaught of nightly mosquitos, moths and bats I was enjoying an evening breeze wafting through the double front doors as it traveled westerly through the house and out the patio doors.

I was enjoying fresh made lemonade made from limes growing in the yard which is my favorite hot evening drink. This time of year I also enjoy an icy smoothie made from bananas, Moringa and yucca also grown in the region.

Anyway… there I was in a jungle meditative state when in walks a large land crab. Both clawed arms were raised in the air, ready for defense. The crustacean might have been in a more relaxed state if it wasn’t for the fact that both my dogs were in hot pursuit.

What the crab didn’t know is that neither dog, although large, would actually bite the crab. Both mutts had been around crabs before and knew all too painfully well the way a crab claw can grab, hold with one swift move and not let go even after the claw has been wrenched from its exoskeleton body.

If you have lived in the tropics for any length of time then you cannot help but have empathy for the land crab. After all the mountains are its home and he is only attempting to reach the beach below to feed and mate. My house is in his path and simply another object to get through on his journey to the sea.

Like a robber in the night, the crab backs up to the door trying desperately to protect itself. I jump up from my relaxing chair and head for the door. Quickly I attempt to close the door with the crab on the outside, but… he can only think of heading westerly and in short order is cornered on the inside hinge of the door and wall.

In my haste I have maneuvered one of the crab’s feet to be stuck into the door jam. This gives me a moment’s reprieve to sequester the assistance of a broom. With a little coaxing and jostling I guide the crab around the door, out onto the porch and over to the side of the house where my new found friend can continue his journey.

Why did I not kill the pest, beat him with the broom and add him to my dinner menu? I believe we should do to others as we want others to do unto us. However… as I write this story a mosquito and scorpion cross by path and they do not receive the same loving hospitality.

Contact me to come stay in paradise for a week, a month or a lifetime.



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