June is Bug Season in the Tropics

With June comes tropical storms and with them come bugs. This is the time of year we are inundated with flying critters of all types. They have been dormant for months and the moisture & warmer weather are an open invitation to our small friends to venture out into the tropical sun. They come in all shapes and sizes, not all so small but… for the most part pesky and yet not harmful.

June BugJune Bugs are annual and amazing in timing and lack of intelligence. They fly in swarms. They often land upside down. Unable to right themselves they soon expire.

Phllophaga (June Bug)

June Bug CocktailThere is a cocktail called the June Bug. Which you can enjoy by a pool. This is a good idea in June as the weather here is hot and humid. The pool, beach or air conditioned rooms are survival techniques in the tropics.

The B 52´s wrote a song called the June Bug. Turn up the volumne and enjoy…

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