10 Steps to Beat Humidity

It has been raining for 5 days straight and now the sun is out, the heat is up and the humidity is 100%. I think I may pass out, but… before I give in to Mother Nature I shall take these 10 steps for survival.

beautiful woman drinks water from a glass and shows delicious1. Drink like your life depended on it.

Staying hydrated will lower your temperature, battle humidity and give you something to sweat. Plain water is the best! Drinking electrolytes can help or vitamin water to replenish all you´ve lost to the sun. Best is to veer away from sugar which will increase your desire for something more thirst quenching.

humidity Wear2. Wear clothing that works with you rather than against you. Light clothing both in texture and color can be your ally in this humid time. Reflecting the sun and giving your skin room to breathe is an important satisfying way to cover what needs to be protected.

Humidity Eat3. Eat fruits and vegetables that Mother Nature has provided at this time. Mangos, bananas, ciruelas, papaya, star fruit, jack fruit and other tropical delights will bring down the heat inside your body and refresh your spirit.

Humidity Hair4. Keep your hair short. Pull up your locks and let what breeze is available to cross your neck allowing your blood to feel relief. If you go for a crew cut be sure to add a cap. Sunburns last longer than a day of humidity.

Humidity Oil5. Avoid oils that block your pores and reduce passage life nourishing coolness. There are sunscreen, makeup and moisturizers with reduced oil. Who knows, you may enjoy the change that can carry over to cooler times.

Humidity Exercise6. Exercise inside. There is no sin in using air conditioning. If the outdoors beckons you then reschedule your time to early morning or late afternoon into evening. When the sun is high be sure to not venture out. The summer days are long and there is plenty of time to be in the exterior area of your home before and after the ragging sun is around.

Humidity Shower7. Get wet in a shower or tub. When the humidity makes you feel damp then beat it to the punch and get more water on your body than the air is providing. Showers do not have to be limited to only one per day. For those that normally shower in the morning or evening try doubling up. Nothing wrong with clean, dry, cool skin.

36860SungKim 0018. Place yourself in the shade or under a fan. Humidity is different in special places. Sun increases humidity. Still air beacons the humidity. Best of all would be a shady spot with a fan blowing refreshing dry air on you.

????????????????????????????????????9. Find a pool, river or ocean and get in. Humidity, like bees, does not follow a submerged body. Staying in the water might not be an option; however… we are not looking for a permanent escape, but… rather a temporary respite.

Photographer and Copyright owner Hans Neukomm www.kriyayoga.com10. When all else does not totally satisfy your needs then go for an escape. In the tropics we drive or fly off to the mountains. The altitude keeps the humidity at bay, around the bay and away from us.


Contact us for help with any of these steps. We have a real solution for you.


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