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Greetings, my name is Yunuen, a Purhepecha name that means crescent moon. Like my name, my origins are from Michoacán, Mexico. I grew up appreciating nature and the wonderful taste, sound and vibe of Mexican culture.
Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to visit different lands and nations enriching my experience with sundry flavors with people from all over the world. As a young woman I had the opportunity to live and study in the beautiful city of Chicago where I became an actress and an artistic producer. This allowed me to work directly with artists from many different forms and teams of all sizes.
For many years I learned from the hospitality industry as well, I focused on event planning mostly. During these years I got to work on ticketing for the Soccer World Cup in Germany.
Two years ago I had my son and decided to come to Lo De Marcos to have a calmer life. This town has given me an opportunity to enjoy life in a slower way. The ocean, the mountains and the people have truly given my life the loving atmosphere I was looking for us as a family.
Today, as part of the Galvan team, it would be my pleasure to accompany you in the adventure of finding a place where you too can enjoy a wonderful life.

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