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In the Spring of 2015, I decided that I had finally had enough of Colorado winters and made a vow to spend next winter in Mexico.

Posted by galvansnay on July 3, 2018

In the Spring of 2015, I decided that I had finally had enough of Colorado winters and made a vow to spend next winter in Mexico.

Having spent many years traveling and wintering in different parts of Mexico (Baja, Yucatan, San Miguel de Allende), I was in search of a quiet place, warm, and within four days driving distance of my home.

My neighbor ,Steve, has been coming to San Pancho for many years, and he confided that he was selling his business, retiring, and moving to Mexico. He raved about the Riviera Nayarit, the scenery, the weather, and the kindness of the local people.

And so I began my search on-line . . .

I looked at many rentals from Sayulita to La Penita and nothing really clicked for me.

Too big, too expensive, too small, too busy . . . Not knowing the area, I decided to just trust my instinct that the “right place” would appear. And so I kept searching . . .

Finally, an ad appeared for what appeared to be a charming bungalow within my price range in a place called Lo de Marcos.

I immediately emailed for more information and received a quick response from Armando at Galvan Real Estate and Services with photos, pricing and information about Lo de Marcos. An auspicious beginning for what has turned out to be not only a wonderful winter but also a lasting relationship with the fine people at Galvan Real Estate.

Of course, I searched the internet for reviews of Galvan Real Estate as well as Bungalows Don Jose. I read reviews, looked at maps, and decided to book my bungalow through Galvan Real Estate. A flurry of emails between Galvan and myself included all the necessary booking information, rental agreement, answers to questions such as , “how will I get my keys?”, “is my bungalow on the second floor” and even so trite as “is there a blender in my bungalow?”

I arrived, as planned, on January 1 and drove straight to my rental, following the map and directions supplied by Armando. As I approached the office of my bungalow, the first question that greeted me was “do you have a reservation?” “Si” was my reply, “con

Galvan Real Estate”; welcoming smiles broke out from Joelle and Carlos at Bungalows Don Jose.

And thus began a new chapter in my life . . .

Four months later I am still here — waiting until the snow stops in Colorado so I can go home.

 Since that time, I have weekly stopped at the office of Galvan Real Estate where I soughtassistance with a variety of questions about Lo de Marcos in general and as specific as,“will you please help me get a reservation for a weekend in Santa Maria del Oro?”

When I had problems with the internet at my rental, Galvan Real Estate quickly responded to my request for assistance, contacted the manager of my rental, and the issue was quickly resolved.

Through Galvan Real Estate, I became acquainted with the weekly Tianguis de Lo de Marcos where I met friends, shopped, listened to music, and ate Ariana’s wonderful empanadas, I learned about the area from Memo’s weekly walks and discovered the beautiful river road. I got suggestions about restaurants, where to get a massage, where to get my hair cut, and finally, I got the best paint job ever for my car (including flames) from Ana’s husband and brother-in- law.

I watched Galvan’s involvement with the community, saw Armando take the very elderly woman who lives next to the Galvan Real Estate office for walks, witnessed the on-going caring, problem-solving and customer service provided through Galvan Real Estate and became aware of and later involved with the wonderful charitable organization Amigos de Lo de Marcos.

I attended the Taste of Lo de Marcos and the Fiesta 2016 both sponsored in part by Galvan Real Estate and Services.

I learned how truly special and tri-cultural this community is: Mexican nationals, Americans/Canadians and Quebecois coming together to enjoy the Fiesta de Lo de Marcos and through its raffle/silent auction, raise funds for the various projects co-sponsored by Amigos de Lo de Marcos for the local schools, senior center, the environment, and other charitable causes. When the raffle tickets were drawn, I watched Armando of Galvan Real Estate read the winning numbers in Spanish, followed by a reading of winning numbers in French and then English.

So now, after four months in Lo de Marcos, as I prepare to head home, I realize how fortunate I am to have connected with Galvan Real Estate, not just for my rental property, but for their expertise, customer service, and most importantly, the example they set in fostering friendship and caring in the community. Thank you to Armando and the exceptional Team of professionals at Galvan Real Estate in Lo de Marcos.

I’ll be back next year and will continue to recommend Galvan Real Estate for rentals and real estate in the Riviera Nayarit.

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