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COVID-19 Update

Posted by AdminGalvan on December 3, 2020

Our little town of Lo de Marcos has thus far escaped any serious outbreak and we hope that it continues to stay that way.

For Visitors from out town or those of you that own a home here and are returning for the season, it is recommended that you self-quarantine for 14 days before you pop out and say hello to your friends and visit your favorite stores and restaurants.

The virus has pretty much decimated the local economy. There are several stores and restaurants that have closed and won’t reopen. The most notable loss to the town has been Mr. Ribs restaurant.

Mr. Ribs moved to Sayulita where they feel there are more opportunities and hopefully more diners!

El Vinatero has seen its sales slump big time given the lack of bodies on the ground and our need to social distance.

The once packed Oscars Tacos is no longer packed.

I urge you all to support the businesses that are still open. Ask if they will deliver? You might be surprised at who will say Yes! 

Many business owners did not see this slump coming. They looked toward the onslaught of the high season as they have for years. The difference is there is no high season this year and most business owners are going to be in a rough and difficult spot until likely November of 2021.

The use of masks in the Pueblo must increase. It’s easily 7 out of 10 people that are not wearing them in public.

Mask up, take the precautions, and then go about your life, as usual, is what I believe.

We cannot allow this virus to scare us to a point where we are uncomfortable living our lives.

In Lo de Marcos, we are blessed to be a small town where social distancing is pretty easy to do.

Galvan has accepted the challenge of putting together 5 Holiday Hampers to assist with distributing food and supplies to some of the less fortunate here in town. If you would like to help out in any way you can send a donation via Paypal to

If you have any questions about what is going on here in town, please feel free to call the office at +1 52 327 275 0233 or send me an email to

Stay Safe and Happy Everyone!


2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Update

  • Lisa Hodgins
    on December 5, 2020

    Thank you Armando for asking everyone to increase mask use. It will certainly save many lives.

    • AdminGalvan
      on December 5, 2020

      Thanks Lisa, we will keep trying to do our best.

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