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For A Luxury Home, Air Filtration Is A No-Brainer

Posted by AdminGalvan on October 26, 2020

For A Luxury Home, Air Filtration Is A No-Brainer

Air quality is a big deal in the average home. USA Today estimate that 96% of homes have at least one air quality issue, and rightly asserts that these can have a huge impact on day-to-day life. Over time, excess humidity, fungal spores and other contaminants can, and will, have an impact on health. That can mean anything from asthma through to trouble sleeping. The good news is that it can be stopped, and it can have a positive impact on your quality of life as well as your health.

The basics

Underpinning good air filtration with the home is a all-in HVAC system. These need to be to a certain specification; according to industry experts, this often means the use of specific fibers and materials that are specialized in removing airborne contaminants. Air filters delivered by and others like them meet this standard by conforming to science-driven regulatory standards. An influential 2011 study published in the Current Allergy and Asthma Reports outlined these requirements, with a special focus drawn to the need for regular replacement.

An ongoing task

Part of the issue with air filtration is that it is not a static job. Over time, filters will become built up with dust and particulates. If not removed regularly and cleaned, this can actually have a detrimental impact on the filtration system. Particulates and other toxic elements build up over time and actually generate a reservoir on the filter, contributing the opposite way to positive air quality. Make sure you create a maintenance schedule and have workers regularly check your filters inside the home, and you’ll be able to create a cool air atmosphere.

The smell of nothing

A properly cleaned environment will smell of absolutely nothing. You may choose to have smells and scents through the house, but according to filtration experts IQAir, a properly clean environment will smell plain. Where you will notice this difference is in your own ease of breathing and freedom from air-associated illness symptoms, but also in the difference to the outside. With effective air filtration you will create a powerful oasis that makes coming home an even better experience.

Your air quality may be holding you back. Even if it’s not causing illness, it could cause an unpleasant aura around the home. By looking to professional options to counter this, you can make your home that extra bit luxurious.

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