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Posted by AdminGalvan on December 10, 2017

Lo de Marcos is undoubtedly a small paradise disguised as a town, and it is this quaint yet appealing allure that helped us to make the decision to form our company here that much more simple. From the get-go, we knew the potential this coastal village had, and since we opened our offices in February 2013, we have never looked back. Every day we strive to better ourselves as an enterprise that cares about the Community and we are well aware that part of the success of our business has been due to the support from all of the wonderful people in this town.

At Galván Real Estate & Services, we recognize that a company is only as strong as its staff. For this reason, we make it our goal to hire locals and thus create a symbiosis where these workers inject their talents and abilities into Galván, and we give back to the community that embraced us wholeheartedly, by giving its Residents career opportunities.

GRE is proud to have employees working with us from the most prominent, founding families of this Mexican paraíso. We have workers from the Bravo, Briseño, Castellón, Cruz, Palomera, Parra, Valdovinos, Vela, and Ventura families (among others), helping at every level of operations of this company. We are proud that we hire only the best, and the best, the majority of the time, is local.

Our very first local employee, Édgar Iván Castellón Vela, is also our oldest employee, working with us as our official translator and community liaison since practically the inception of our company. Apart from being trilingual and the former Vice President of the Civil Association “Amigos de Lo de Marcos,” Edgar’s close connections with the townspeople and communication abilities, paved the way for GRE to become a household name, and the go-to, full service Real Estate Company of the town.

It is this standard that made us hire Anahí Lizette Alvarez Vela as our Reservations Manager and office administrator. Anahí, also a local who is perfectly bilingual, has grown to become one of the most valued and trusted employees for this business. They say lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice, but in this instance it did, and we are grateful we established a precedent to comb the village first to fill jobs at GRE. Slowly but surely, our staff has grown to include a majority of Lo de Marcos natives. We are very proud that our business is synonymous with opportunity and growth for the town of Lo de Marcos and its people.

Galván Real Estate & Services is the only full service Real Estate Company in Lo de Marcos, and we will remain strong by having in our midst, driven, hard-working locals that have a personal interest in seeing this coastal paradise thrive. For this reason, if the Mexican adage holds true, “tell me who you stand with and I will tell you who you are,” then Galván is in a good place!

Galvan gives to the community in many ways. Not only does GRE play a huge role in the promotion of this town and all the beauty it offers, but we have also pioneered an Artisanal Tianguis (farmers market) that hosts local and unique vendors of one-of-a-kind product from all of Mexico. We are also responsible for the very popular, now traditional, annual food fair,

Taste of Lo de Marcos, where we showcase the gastronomy, ranging from casual to 5 stars, of the village’s restaurants. Part of the proceeds every year go to the Citizen Action Committee, the governing body responsible for the town’s government and religious holidays, and to the Civil Association Amigos de Lo de Marcos, which is the group responsible for the funding for many of the non-profit projects to better this beautiful town. It is for this reason that we are very proud that our very own Armando Contreras Galván, Broker for Galván Real Estate & Services, is the new President-Elect for the Amigos group, insuring that much more that Galván and its staff play a key role in the progress and betterment of the town year round.

As we mentioned earlier, our village is a paradise, and everybody at Galván will work diligently to protect the gem that we all call home. By keeping extraordinary people as the heart and soul of our business, we hope we will be a local business with longevity and one that leaves a positive mark on the place we all call Lo de Marcos.


Our Team has grown to include complete Real Estate Sales and Rental Departments as well as Property Management offering Gardening and cleaning services. Additionally our office has been dubbed as the Go To place for everything Visitors and Locals need from Out of County phone calls, to printing, car rental, advice, directions and more. So whatever your need in Lo De Marcos, please contact the Team at Galvan Real Estate.

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