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Let’s Keep Lo de Marcos Strong

Posted by AdminGalvan on May 13, 2024

I am urging everyone to shop locally for the following reasons,

**More than 95% of the pesos spent in town, recirculate within the pueblo giving jobs to our residents who in turn spend the money earned on groceries, fruits, vegetables, dining and local services.  It’s a great cycle to have.

**Local Businesses are the ones that support our local charities, sports teams and local events. Businesses outside of the Pueblo sure don’t do that!

The monies that are spent outside of the Pueblo don’t return. Shopping locally applies to clothing, food, using a service provider, tour agency or Real Estate Office that is not owned by someone in the Pueblo. As a community we should think of ourselves and neighbors first and foremost.

I ask you to first, stop and ask yourself if the product or service can be found here in town. Did you know that most merchants are happy to take Special Orders?

Ask at your favorite store if they can order that special cheese you normally get from Mega and I bet they can do it! Ask your favorite wine bar, if they can order that cider you like, and I bet they can do it too! You get my point, it can be done. All purchased right here in town.

It may cost a few pesos more but when we way this against the direct benefit to the community, shopping locally within the pueblo, is a clear cut winning way to go to support the Pueblo.

There are so many wonderful stores, restaurants and shops here in town that need our continued support.

All of us at Galvan Real Estate love this Pueblo and we know that you do to!

Let’s pull together and keep Lo de Marcos STRONG!

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me directly at

Best Regards,


Armando Contreras

Galvan Real Estate and Services

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