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Lo de Marcos is Familia

Posted by AdminGalvan on July 31, 2019

Lo de Marcos is Familia

Editorial by Armando Contreras

Friends are the family one chooses, so I guess that is why in Spanish we have an old adage, “Mi casa es su casa,” or my house is your house. Frankly, that is exactly what it feels like when you live in a small, quaint Mexican village like Lo de Marcos. Lo de Marcos is special for many reasons, but its alluring essence comes from the camaraderie that you experience on a daily basis. The village begins to feel more like your home, and its residents begin to seem more like an extended familia.   

When you live in a small town long enough, it is impossible not to become a part of its fabric. Its residents become acquaintances, who become friends, who eventually become like members of your own family. You start to feel like you belong to something far greater and special than yourself, something that makes you feel with a sense of purpose. It is this sense of community that compels you to make it your mission to insure the harmony and prosperity is for all, and that has always been a mission of Galván Real Estate and Services, to not only improve the quality of life for the residents of Lo de Marcos by attracting tourism and creating many jobs for local residents, but by working daily to live-up to the faith and warm welcome this friendly village has honored us with. A village full of people you begin to love as family.

Within our office we have people from all walks of life, but have come to see each other as a little unit that supports one another in good and bad times. You can say that the familial feelings of love and respect that permeate Lo de Marcos are contagious, and as previously mentioned, one cannot go long before you commit yourself to this feeling of belonging, of valuing and respecting your village as not only your own home, but the home of all those others you have come to love and respect.

The local people are proud, industrious, and kind. All beaming with a sense of pride for their lifestyle, traditions, and culture. And, since Mexican culture is tied with catholic traditions, many of these traditions allow you to choose your extended family. You might get the honor to be asked to be a padrino or madrina (godfather or godmother) to a traditional event, or to be a witness to a marriage, or to help sponsor someone’s dream Quinceañera or wedding and attend as an honored guest. It is this constant connection to others that ultimately creates a bond that starts to feel like the bond of a family. Even if you are not a native, the people welcome you with opens arms and you start to feel a sense of community, not matter what your language or culture. Here in Lo de Marcos we are all San Marqueños, the united people of a village intent on preserving the culture, natural beauty, unity, and traditions of Lo de Marcos.

Language is never a barrier in Lo de Marcos, because at the end of the day, fun and laughter are the universal languages that connect us all. No matter what our nationality, we can all dance to wonderful music at the town square as we sip on a cold cerveza. All people bonding through simple acts of enjoyment that we can all understand. The native people welcome all with open arms and understand that local and foreign, we all have one thing in common, our love and respect for Lo de Marcos.

Places like Lo de Marcos are getting rarer as time passes. The world moves quickly and people are left with little time to basque in small pleasures. Lo de Marcos still allows you to do that. Almost as if you were home, Lo de Marcos still allows you to walk barefoot through its cobblestone roads, filling every cell in your body with vitamin D as the sun caresses your every pore. You will feel delighted when members of your new family greet you with a “¡Buenos días!” and you know they actually mean it. It is also not uncommon for random people to invite you to join their table for a meal, since sharing food is something very Mexican, and the people of Lo de Marcos have a sense of sharing and caring engraved in their blood. Family takes care of one another, and in Lo de Marcos we will not let you wander on an empty stomach.

The beach and our tropical jungle are like our backyard, and every member of this family can savor them whenever they want. The beach and the jungle are your heavenly backdrop. As you walk through them, they won’t judge you, they won’t stress you, they won’t tire you, they will just remind you of what a beautiful backyard you and your family have. Every flower, every bird, every element of nature adding to the sense of paradisiac community that you and your family are fortunate enough to enjoy. The place where people dream of living, you and your adopted family call home.

So if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, and want to enjoy a village that will make you feel like you are in a home away from home, come visit Lo de Marcos. Give yourself the opportunity to experience this familial sense of community for yourself. Friends are the family one chooses, and you will be pleasantly delighted when you visit our small paradise and upon entering someone’s home you will hear, “Mi casa es su casa.”

3 thoughts on “Lo de Marcos is Familia

  • Nancy McKenna
    on August 1, 2019

    Familia es todo.

  • Lorena
    on November 5, 2019

    Beautifully said.

  • stephanie
    on November 8, 2019

    Awwww yes! So lovely…my exact thoughts about this special little Puebla!!! xoxo

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