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Pillow Type Mattress: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by AdminGalvan on May 6, 2021

Pillow top mattresses are one of the most popular choices for today’s mattress shoppers. They provide a soft and luxurious sleeping experience without sacrificing any support that you need to get a restful night’s sleep. There is some confusion about what pillow top mattresses are, so we will cover everything from how they work and what their features are.

Introduction to Pillow Top Mattresses:

Pillow top mattress is a mattress made with foam, fiberfill, cotton, and wool. This gives it the softness of memory foam but without sacrificing any support. Pillow tops can be found on innerspring beds or airbeds, and they’re generally defined as having additional padding sewn into the top layer of the bed for increased comfort.

Some pillow top mattresses have integrated appearances (euro tops), while others appear to only lie on top of the actual mattress. A non-pillow top mattress has minimal to moderate padding, which may not provide enough comfort needed by some sleepers.”

How Pillow Top Mattresses Are Made?

A pillow top mattress is created with several inches of padding sewn into the top layer. The foam or fiberfill gives it a soft feel while still providing adequate support for sleepers. You can find this type of bed on innerspring beds or airbeds, and they’re generally defined as having an additional inch cushioning the surface to provide comfort to sleepers.

Are Pillow Top Mattresses Suitable for Side Sleepers?

Indeed, pillow top mattresses are often recommended to sleepers who prefer sleeping on their side. The added inch of foam/fiberfill can provide the needed comfort and support. No matter which sleeping position you choose, these mattresses are designed to provide support and pressure relief. They strike the right balance between the support that comes from the coil system and comfort from additional layers of foam.

Stunning Features of Pillow Top Mattresses:

  • Contains an extra portion of padding in the quilt layer: A pillow-top mattress is a top of the bed that features more padding on top than others. This “pillow” helps provide comfort and support, which may be beneficial for some sleepers. This extra padding can be anything like cotton, latex, memory foam, or anything else. So, you can choose the material you want for your mattress.

  • Don’t retain heat, based on the top of material used: One of the most intriguing features about a pillow-top mattress is that it doesn’t retain heat. You may think it would be hotter with more padding than other mattresses or wouldn’t offer as much breathability. However, this isn’t always true! The materials used in these mattresses often allow for better airflow and don’t hold on to too much heat.

  • Evenly distributes your weight: A pillow-top mattress has extra padding, which is, in most cases, evenly distributed. This means that you won’t feel like one side of the bed is sinking or giving out more than another. With these types of mattresses and their even weight distribution, it’s easy to get a good night’s sleep! It also improves sleep quality by handling all the pressure points and several other potential discomforts.

  • Maintains better support: A pillow-top mattress will often be firmer and provide more support than a regular mattress. This is because the extra padding works to alleviate pressure points and gives you a better surface that helps you sleep better.

  • Affordable: If you compare pillow top mattresses with other luxury mattresses, it’s definitely more affordable.

  • Back, front, and side-sleep friendly: Pillow top mattresses are designed to make your sleep experience more comfortable, no matter which way you’re sleeping. The distinct feature of a pillow top mattress is the thicker, heavily padded top layer. Besides, the memory foam comes with a contouring quality that helps your body slightly sink in and lets the mattress adjust around your body. This feature provides your spine with optimal support and stabilizes your body so you can get a good night’s sleep.

This type of mattress is popular among individuals who experience back pain or suffer from an overactive bladder at night since it handles pressure points better than other types of mattresses do.


The pillow top mattresses are a popular choice for many who want extra comfort and support. So, if you aim for a good night’s sleep, you should choose this type of mattress!

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