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Chili Cookoff Review for 2023

Posted by AdminGalvan on March 7, 2023

The turnout for this event was the best ever!

We had to turn tasters away as the chili pots began to run empty.  Well we will learn and ask Chef to prepare a few more quarts for next year.

We have 7 Participating Cooks who were –

– Julie Quinn-O’Brien

– Catherine Betzler

– Deb Tulsky

– Shar and Larry

– Neptuno Restaurant-Bar & Billar

– Karl McConnell

– Central Ferremateriales – The Sponsor of this event located on the Highway next to Comex.

As a judge, I can tell you the competition was ferocious out there.  Each chili was uniquely distinct, different and delicious. I only had one vote to cast and I knew like all of the other Tasters did that I had to make it count.

After over 2 hours and many tastings, the voters had narrowed the winners down to

FIRST Place – Neptuno Restaurant-Bar

We actually had a tie for 2nd place which was

**Julie Quinn-Obrien and Shar and Larry

THIRD Place was won by Karl McConnell.

The star of the evening which was the Chili Pepper Eating Contest was a blast and captivated everyones attention.

Believe it or not, we had our second tie of the evening with the winners being Rigo Hernandez and Saud Palomera who each one a $250.00 pesos Gift Certificate to El Vinatero.

Our final award for the evening was for the best table decorations.

The hands down undisputed #1 winner was Catherine Betzler with a handmade table topper and matching chuck wagon!

The second prize went to Shar and Larry for an outstanding table set up and design.

Congratulations to each of the Winners!

-This 5th annual event was thrown as a benefit for our local Medical Clinic — Centro Médico Riviera Lo de Marcos.  These fine Doctors are bringing a new high level of medical service to lo de Marcos and we want to help them to be able to purchase an UltraSound machine.  Having this machine in the clinic will allow for a local diagnosis without having to make the trip to La Penita.  Also with this machine and its diagnostic capabilities, many times the Drs may be able to remedy the issue in the local clinic.

We are still a few pesos short of hitting the goal to make this purchase, so please feel free to stop by the Galvan Office with a cash or credit card donation.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this fun event and look forward to the event in 2024.

If you have comments or questions please send an email to


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