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Real Estate in the Clermont Housing Market

Posted by AdminGalvan on May 2, 2022

Why Buy a Home in Clermont, Florida?

If you are looking for a wonderful place to live in Florida, you could not do better than Clermont. Travel & Leisure has named this city to be among the fifteen best lake towns in the United States. There are eleven wonderful lakes in this area, including three major lakes that boast a variety of exciting water activities. The city won the Niagara Perk Your Park contest in 2021 allowing them to update and renovate the Arts and Recreation Park. The city was also named the Best City to Live in by the public in 2016 and it continues to be a wonderful place to live. 

Florida is also one of the few states that have no income tax, making it a much more affordable place to live. There is an average of 230 days of sunshine during the year, making outdoor activities necessary. It is a very family friendly community; it is not too fast paced or too crowded. Its proximity to Orlando also makes it very desirable for families. Clermont also has a rapid growing real estate market, making it a desirable place to live.

Homes in Clermont

There are many styles of homes in Clermont, FL that you can choose from ranging from single family/detached homes, condominiums and townhomes to larger homes and mansions. There are even tiny homes and houseboats for sale! Prices range from under $100,000 to over $1 Million, with a median range of just under $300,00. You can find any home you may be looking for whether it be large or small.

Its schools are very desirable and among the best in the state. There are eight public schools and four private schools in Clermont. Students get the help they need with a student/teacher ratio in the schools at about 20:1. Programs in the schools include STEAM classes, robotics teams, and programs for students with special needs and ESOL students. School awards range from Teacher of the Year to a school with Exceptional Charter School in Special Education. There are many other awards, as well. The schools are above average in the state. 

The crime rate for 2018 was 160.08 per 100,000 population, a 42.01% decline from 2017, making Clermont a safe city to raise your family. 

This place is a suburban community where most people own their own homes but there are homes for rent, as well. It is a great community for families and retirees as well as singles and couples. 

Best Lake Town

A total of eleven lakes called the Clermont Chain of Lakes; the major lakes are Louisa, Minnehaha, and Minneola. Find more about the Clermont Chain of Lakes here.  Louisa is located south of the city; it has a variety of wildlife that includes deer, bobcat, gopher tortoises, fox squirrel, bald eagles, and osprey. It is also a state park that offers cabins and tent sites available for camping. Lake Minnehaha is a 2300-acre lake that is also close to town, offering a variety of opportunities to fish and to do other water sports in this lake. 

Be careful, though, there are also alligators in the water! Named one of Florida’s outstanding lakes, Lake Minneola has many opportunities for water sports and there is also a pier to fish from or to jump from if you are brave enough to swim. There are also walking and biking places that are ideal for walking your pets or riding bikes with your kids. With water temperatures of around 77 degrees, it makes an impressive lake to swim in. 

All the lakes are near Clermont and offer many opportunities for water sports such as boating, fishing, and swimming – just beware of the alligators!


Niagara Perk Your Park Contest

This contest was sponsored by Niagara Bottling. The win will allow Clermont to update the Arts and Recreation Park and add a community garden, pollinator garden, walking paths, and other amenities to make the park visitor friendly, children and adults alike will want to spend time in the outdoor areas of the park. The win allowed Clermont to spend $90,000 to create these updates. The current Arts and Recreation Park offers many recreational activities for children and adults, and you can register for different classes and activities throughout the year. 

Best City to Live In

In 2016 the public named Clermont the Best City to Live In. It continues to be a wonderful place to live because of several factors. The median house price is around the $270,000 range making Clermont a very affordable place to live according to this source:,_Florida. There are a variety of attractions nearby to engage both adults and children. Besides the lakes, there is the Florida Citrus Tower, Showcase of Citrus, Presidents Hall of Fame, and other nearby attractions. The Florida Citrus Tower is 226-foot tower that celebrates Florida’s citrus history. The observation tower offers a view of the nearby lakes and countryside. For a chance to see animals and fruit, see the Showcase of Citrus. In the President’s Hall of Fame, you can learn all about the presidents of the United States that has been called a “labor of love” by its founders. Add to the that, the proximity to Orlando with its theme parks and attractions and you have an impressive place to live.

The city was founded in 1884 and has had a cost of living that is lower than surrounding areas ever since. There are many employment opportunities in the city, many in the health and service industries. Clermont offers a myriad of opportunities for everyone; it makes it a wonderful place to live.



Finding a home in Clermont, Florida is something that you would want to do because it is a wonderful suburban area near Orlando and near eleven beautiful lakes that affords the amenities of the nearby city while keeping the safety and security of a smaller town. There are good schools with great teachers and a low crime rate. There are many nearby activities, especially if you like the water and water sports. Homes are affordable and there a variety of styles to choose from to satisfy every taste. Clermont, Florida is the best of Florida. 


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