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Galvan Real Estate is the Number one Real Estate Agency in Coastal Riviera Nayarit

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It started as a dream almost Ten years when Luis Armando Contreras Galvan opened his first office in the dusty, yet charming Pueblo of Lo de Marcos.  Armando saw the potential in this Coastal town and set down roots.

The company that Armando founded, Galvan Real Estate and Services has since turned into a pillar of the community by sponsoring several large scale benefit events each year, its commitment to hire locally and pay well, and in supporting the local causes that make Lo de Marcos in Riviera Nayarit the jewel that it is.

Armando is proud to call Lo de Marcos Home.

Ten years ago, when the dream began, Armando could not fathom the reality of 3 Regional offices, however he kept the dream alive and after a few years opened a small boutique office just off the square in Los Ayala.   Well then Covid hit and the landlord wanted to, pursuant to the contract, increase the monthly rent so, Armando and his Management Team decided it was time to pull up the stakes in Los Ayala and regroup from the safety of its Lo de Marcos office.

It took a bit of time to rebound from the world’s longest virus induced siesta, however the team at Galvan did it and has moved on in the last eight months to open two additional Regional Offices, one of which is located in Guayabitos and serves the Jaltemba Bay area which includes the cities of La Penita, Los Ayala and Guayabitos, the second of which is located in the coastal town of Aticama and serves the entire Matanchen Bay area all the way up to San Blas.

Armando and his team want to participate in the other areas it serves, much as it does in Lo de Marcos and that is by supporting local events and hiring locally.

Armando has hand selected a talented group of Managing Directors who all share the common beliefs of honesty, transparency, equitability and humor.  It is these 4 ingredients that blend perfectly to make Galvan Real Estate and Services the uniquely positioned company that it is.

‘Armando is very straightforward and professional and is a great mentor’, stated Jennifer Robbins, Managing Director of the Matanchen Bay office.

‘Armando leads by example and that makes me endeavor each day to be better at what I do’, said Marbella Parra, Sales Support Director for Galvan.

In summary, Galvan Real Estate and Services was founded by one person, however the team has grown to now include 5 Directors across all aspects of the business which include Real Estate Sales, Rentals, Property Management, Project Management and Real Estate Development.

Galvan Real Estate wants to be a part of your life in Coastal Riviera Nayarit and you are encouraged to put their knowledge and past success to work for you to manifest your dream in Nayarit.

Galvan’s tag line is ‘We are Life Changers’ and that statement cannot be any further from the truth and is bang on accurate.

You can reach Armando directly anytime via email to or by calling the main office located in Lo de Marcos at +1 52 327 275 0233.

We are life changers

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